8 ways to warm the house in winter

The most common problem that we face in the winter is the cold weather at home, sometimes it is also colder than outside, and this is due to many reasons, it may be that the sun is little when the house enters or many wrong habits that we do and we do not know.

Let us know tips for ways to heat the house in the winter:

Allow the sun to enter the house: 

Many people are afraid to open the windows in the winter and always keep the windows and balconies closed, of course this is one of the reasons that the house prefers to keep the degree of cold and the air is not refreshed, so during the sun period, all the windows of the house must open as much as you can, because the heat will help very much. heating the house.

Use heavy curtains: 

When you are not in the sun, you must close the apartment well and cover the windows with heavy curtains to prevent the passage of cold air from outside.

Close the doors: 

Opening doors in the interior of the house allow the passage of air faster and increase the coldness of the air, so as much as you can, try to gather with your family in one room and lock the doors of the rest of the rooms.

Use candles: 

Spreading candles around the house helps to generate a lot of heat and you will feel the difference very quickly. This is a romantic movement that creates a feeling of calm and love if the lighting is dim. Just keep the means of protection if you have children.

Cover the floors: 

In the summer, the floors are usually not fully furnished, but in the winter it is very important to cover the floors with thick carpets as much as possible, because ceramics and porcelain take out the cold in the air and thus increase the coolness of the house.

Choose warm paint colors: 

In certain colors of paints that make the house warm and colors that get cooler. For example, red, yellow, orange, and brown are considered hot colors that provide the heat in the home. That is why if your home is in a cool place or on a high hill like Mokattam, it is important to choose these colors.

Use soft bedding: 

Fur, velor, and velor, which helps keep warm in winter. Try using it on chairs, rugs, bedspreads, or bed sheets.

Use parquet: 

If you do not want to use carpets in the winter and rugs in the summer, you can use parquet, because it is considered heat-balanced in both seasons, and you will not have to change the carpet every so often.

A lot of mistakes we make in the winter that make the house cold without us taking care of it. We have given you some tips that can help you beat the winter cold.

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