Water pipe defects and problems

As we spoke before about the defects or problems that we encounter while we choose the appropriate paint and that there are poor types of paints that have great harm to human health, today we will talk about another thing in finishing apartments if you do not do it well, causing many problems and damages, which are water pipes. Many of us do not care about pipes or know that there are good water pipes and there are other types that have a lot of damage and cause more problems. Let us know with some types of pipes and what are the good and bad ones:

Plastic pipes: 

These pipes are characterized by ease of dismantling and installation, shock resistance, and rust resistance. However, plastic pipes are also affected by the sun, which causes great expansion and contraction, and this is if we compare them to metal pipes, but they cannot withstand any pressures or vibrations.

Metal pipes: 

This type of pipe is very common in home plumbing, but we can hardly forget that metal pipes cause kidney failure, nervous disorders, and many other damages to human health.

Polyvinyl chloride pipes: 

are pipes or tubes made of polyvinyl chloride, a non-plastic material that can withstand a temperature of up to 65 degrees Celsius. Not only that, as well. Pipes made of this material have high quality and properties and resist corrosion and rust, unlike metal pipes. Also, the prices of PVC pipes are low. But it is worth noting that these pipes are broken or damaged, and this is due to other reasons related to transportation and storage.


Pipes are among the things that we must choose well and we are cleaning our apartment... Follow us and learn more about finishing apartments!

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