Do you dare paint the walls or ceiling of your house black?

Many of us panic about hearing the color black and consider it a bleak color that gives a feeling of frustration and sadness. However, in this article, we will change your idea of ​​black and make you prefer it over the rest of the colors and choose it in your home decor, especially when painting ceilings and walls.

It is also worth noting that interior designers often use black to hide some defects and add aesthetic touches to the place. So, the trend in recent times is "boldness and change" and breaking the norm to create something new and modern. One of the most important reasons why you should choose black in your home decor.

1- Add a touch of harmony and harmony in the room

The black color can bring together the scattering of the room and combine the different colors of the furniture and show them in a harmonious painting, as well as create a charming harmonious touch for the general atmosphere of the room.

2- Optical illusion

The use of some decorative tricks, as well as the use of gypsum frames, makes you control how close and far the ceiling is to you when you look at it by using the color black.

3- Add an interesting touch to the room

When you paint the ceiling in black, you add a touch of distinction and elegance to the room that catches the eye and makes the place architecturally interesting.

4- Separate the rooms from each other

If your home has a large area and you feel confused about making differences between rooms and each other. The best solution for you here is to paint the ceiling in black and solve this dilemma without having to resort to the use of different curtains or rugs to clarify or make dividers.


Black is not a color that makes you gloomy anymore, all you need now are some small tricks to create a distinctive overlap of colors and give an elegant aesthetic touch to the room, whether by painting the ceiling or the wall. In addition, the general atmosphere of the room must be taken into account, as well as the selection of appropriate lighting units.

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