Steps to design a modern home library corner

Who does not have a home library in his home that contains many, many books, references, and various magazines. Lovers of reading always have a lot of books and novels that they like to read or are keen to collect their souvenirs from their trips and travels; Be it books, magazines, or a specific souvenir.

Therefore, as a reading lover, you should take care of the home library and design it in a way that suits your taste and the number of books you acquire. In addition, your home library should be consistent and fit the general decor of your home in order to be an aesthetic addition to the home and give you a sense of comfort and recreation.

So, we will discuss some important tips or steps and modern ideas for designing a private home library, including:

First: You must take into account the area of ​​your home and determine the appropriate place for you to place the library,

Second: You must determine your need from behind the library, as well as choose the appropriate size for it according to the number of books you keep. Do you need a large library, a small library?

With many shelves or not. Where you can use only some shelves and hang them on the wall or wall cabinets in the case of a small space. If the area of ​​your home is large, you can allocate a single place for the library,

Third: After choosing the design and shape of the home library, the most important step is to choose the appropriate pieces of furniture for the library... You must determine if you need a comfortable chair and table while reading, or you just need a sofa to relax while reading,

Fourth: You must also choose the appropriate lighting for reading.

Fifth: Reading loves openness. Therefore, it is recommended to choose the location of the library next to the balcony for natural lighting and better ventilation, as well as to help unleash the imagination,

Sixth: It is recommended to choose a color suitable for the library that helps you relax, such as white, sky blue, and café.


The home library is one of the important corners of the house for lovers of reading, so you must take care of it and choose the one that suits your taste and comfort, as well as the general decoration of the apartment.

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