Wall paint or wallpaper ?

The basis behind the science of decoration, is to unleash and use the mind freely in order to take advantage of the spaces and exploit them in a good practical way. Individuals differ in their taste for any kind of art; Each of us has a different taste and vision as well as different ways of applying as well. Therefore, people differ in choosing between two ways of decorating walls and walls, namely: wall painting and wallpaper. In the next few lines, we will present the difference between painting or coating the wall and wallpaper, in addition to knowing the advantages and disadvantages of each type.

1- wallpaper


  • Durability: Wallpaper is known for its durability, as it can last for nearly 15 years,
  • Cost: Wall paper may need a higher cost compared to paint, but it is nonetheless considered one of the money-saving solutions or options because it has a durability of up to 15 years,
  • Multiple Choices: Wallpaper offers many options that allow you to make the design or background you want however you like.
Wallpaper in bedroom


  • It is not anti-humid and causes damage.
  • It takes a lot of time to make wallpaper,
  • When deciding to change wallpaper, it causes many troubles because it is permanent.

2- wall paint


  • It is easy to apply and implement, it does not need a paint specialist to do it,
  • Affordable prices for everyone.
  • It is considered a practical solution compared to wallpaper,
  • It can be easily changed when needed.
Walls painted blue


  • There are not many options when compared to wallpaper,
  • There are types of paints that do not resist heat,
  • It is considered a temporary solution because it needs to be changed at least every five years.


Wall painting and wallpaper are two different ways to decorate and make new home walls. Therefore, you must know the pros and cons of each type and choose the right one for you as needed.

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