The relationship between colors and psychological comfort

The home is the place where the everyone of us feels comfortable and relaxed and the need for contemplation, stillness and calm. Therefore, when taking the step of designing and decorating the house, you should choose appropriate colors that make you feel psychologically comfortable.

According to statistics, the surrounding colors play an important and even prominent role in the vitality of the place in addition to affecting the psyche of the individual. The choice of colors reflects our personality, as it can play a role in the way we think and view things. For this, it is necessary to know the importance of each color and the extent of its impact on us and our mental health.

In addition, there is a rule that must be known well when starting to choose the colors of your home: namely, that the colors are nothing but that relationship arising from the good choice of colors and their consistency with each other. A good choice of colors is just a simple coordination between colors and a harmonious combination of them in a way that makes you feel and helps you rest and relax.

Moreover, there is a meaning behind each color and its effect on the psyche of the individual. Therefore, it is necessary to know it when painting and choosing the colors of rooms, ceilings, as well as walls.

1- Light colors:

Examples of these colors are: blue, yellow, orange, and many others. These colors indicate joy, happiness and joy. It also helps communication and increases interaction due to its cheerful connotation. Therefore, it is preferable to use such colors in kitchen rooms, dining rooms or dining rooms.

2- Dark colors:

Examples of these colors are: dark blue, red, as well as green. The name of these colors - dark colors - refers to and gives the character of melancholy and sadness. But if these colors are used and employed well in the place and coordinated with the appropriate colors and decorations, they give a sense of comfort and relaxation.

3- Warm colors:

If colors such as yellow or orange are used in unsuitable rooms such as the bedroom, it makes us feel nervous and angry. This is because a room like a bedroom is a place to relax and unwind. The use of such colors in the bedroom in particular leads to a feeling of a rise in the room temperature, which makes the individual nervous.


Colors contribute to influencing our personality and reflecting the psychological state of the individual. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the right colors and mix them well in a way that makes you feel safe, comfortable and relaxed.

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