Mechatronics engineering, what is its future and the salary of its graduates?

Are you astonished at seeing robots and how they perform their tasks ?! Have you ever wondered how these robots and machines communicate with each other ?! Have you heard of airplanes and autonomous cars ?! Have you heard of robots that shared the honor of landing on Mars ?! This is all from the work of our mechatronics engineer friend, who might be you one day if you choose to study mechatronics engineering.

So what is mechatronics engineering then ?!

Mechatronics engineering is the master who leads the orchestra of mechanical machines, computer processors, and electronic and electrical elements to produce the most beautiful and best rhythm and engineering solution, it is the art of creating solutions and engineering the impossible, where a mechatronic engineer works to build and develop new mechatronic devices and systems suitable for the twenty-first century. Shafiq Al-Salem - Mechatronic Engineer

Does Mechatronics Engineering suit you?

If it was known about you since your childhood, that you are that child who sabotaged and dismantled all his toys, and if you were always curious to know how things work around you, if you ever dreamed of making a robot, an invention, or a machine, if you were always trying to repair the devices that destroy your home, then You were good at Mathematics and Physics Congratulations, Mechatronics Engineering is your best major.

Some of the works of a mechatronic engineer:

  • Development and modernization of industrial machinery
  • Preparing control systems and automating the production process
  • Manufacturing, developing and programming robots
  • Supervising factories and production lines
  • Maintaining faults in production lines and finding solutions to engineering problems
  • Expert systems and application of artificial intelligence techniques

Where does mechatronics engineer work:

He may work in different laboratories and factories

In research and development centers

In the robotics industry and its development

In universities and scientific institutions

In engineering project management

In consulting offices

In self-employment

What does a mechatronics engineer study?

A mechatronic engineer studies all the important subjects that help him design and study the design of advanced mechatronic machines. During the university years, basic subjects are studied in electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, electronic circuits, control and programming, how to design using a computer, control theory, hydraulic and pneumatics, and Image processing, computer vision, robotics, industrial electronics, digital electronics, signal processing, real-time, and programming of controllers and microprocessors, and others according to the university's study plan.

Mechatronics Engineer Salary:

I think that you, dear reader, were waiting for an answer to this question to decide your decision, and in our turn we would like to emphasize that creativity and excellence in the field is the first factor in obtaining a high income, and we advise you to choose the field that you like and want without focusing on salaries and wages, so your creativity is in your field that you love, you may It achieves double your work in a field that you do not like, other than the pleasure of working with what you love

The average salary for a mechatronics engineer is more than $83,590, as this salary can start from $66,540 down to $105,110 and more, depending on the level of experience and the field of work. These numbers may vary according to countries and the average per capita income in them.

Mechatronics Engineer as a future career:

Since mechatronics engineering is a relatively new discipline, we witness every day a new development in this discipline, with every development in technology we witness an evolution in mechatronic engineering, where today the revolution of 3D printing, nanotechnology, self-driving systems and an open source robot operating system began, These all constitute a new field of excellence for a mechatronic engineer, and an opportunity to be present in the upcoming job market.

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