Resources for scientific research 100 sites for research in various fields of engineering

Are you looking for sites for scientific research? Google is not the only search engine, when you come to scientific research for a site specialized in your field, it is difficult for you to access the latest scientific material that may benefit you, as scientific research sites are constantly renewed, so we offer you a list of the latest search engines that provide you with more services and new discoveries and give you the best academic results you are looking for. It helps you to obtain a wide range of research on different topics and we divide it according to different fields.

Sites for scientific research in various fields:

General search engines:


It is an excellent engine for research and targets students and educators. It has many reliable research sources and thus saves you more time and effort.


It contains more than 1 billion documented files between web pages, books, magazines, newspapers and more. You can get reliable sources on any topic and avoid any chaos or the appearance of sponsored links.


The site includes the best sites for academic information. It is designed by educators and professionals around the world to share plenty of resources on different research topics.


The site can search by keywords and browse many sites and documented sources.

5 .

You can search on world literature and access a different set of full text articles and theses.


The engine allows searching in the database and finding millions of digital resources and access to open sources.


You can search for resources on different topics through the online public library database.


One of the search engines that enables you to find a wide range of scientific sources, especially in the field of science.

9 .

Microsoft's search engine provides access to more than 38 million different publications, whether maps or graphs, and many books by authors.


It is a more than wonderful search engine that allows you to get a different set of real data.


It is not only a search engine for different links, but it answers various questions and many reports.


It allows Internet users to search for thousands of books and browse these books that help you achieve your educational goals.

Search engines that show many results at once:


The engine gives a set of different results, whether from Google, Yahoo, Bing and also different categories of sites, images, videos, books.


The engine knows search results from Google, Yahoo, Bing.


The engine displays the best resources on the Internet. Even if you are looking for a job online.

Databases and Documentation Engines:


This library contains an incredible amount of different sources, books, historical photos, digital collections.


You can get the best British documents from nearly 200 institutions that put their sources on the site.


It enables the public to access a range of historical documents, research and government information.


The engine makes it possible to find a wealth of electronic publications in mathematics, science, and subjects in various fields. You can search for what you need between 756,133 documents.


The engine makes it easy to find Indian documents.


The engine is characterized by the ability to search for space research, space history and various missions.


This engine is offered as a service of the US Department of Agriculture, where you can find a huge collection of global agricultural information in the National Agricultural Library.


The Smithsonian provides an engine for information and research, because it's a great way to search for more than 7.4 million records on museums, archives, books, and libraries.


The engine helps you explore British catalogs, print materials, digital collections, and is a wealth of trusted sources.


The Central Intelligence Center has compiled a collection of books on world facts and provides key reference information around the world. It covers more areas published online.


You can use this site to access a database of the legislative bodies of all US states.

27 .

The engine is an open directory for searching various academic research information and accessing reliable sources of interest.


The engine is a searchable catalog of historical publications and direct links.

29 .

You can find nearly 10,000 libraries around the world and view books, DVDs, CDs, and articles in a global index.


One of the tools to search for millions of books around the world and many more books to preview.


This comprehensive search engine performs over 410 million scholarly articles including journals, courseware, patents, educational websites, and more.


The site contains sources, research, articles and a selection of research materials and various topics.


A search engine for different life sciences, providing protocols and tools, and discovering more useful sources for scientific research.


The engine is very suitable for searching classic literature, accessing open e-books, and sharing books.


The site is characterized by the discovery of magazines, reports, research, books and scientific publications.


The engine specializes in searching for various sources, patents and legal documents.


The site contains a variety of scientific journals and various scientific information in the fields of science and environmental management.


You can search for e-journals, theses, books and browse through various publications.


The engine is an open and well-browsed scientific journals directory.


The engine helps you to obtain more than 4000 electronic periodicals for free in the fields of science and humanities.

Science and engineering search engines:


You can search by keyword, browse many sites, and even add new sites to lists.


When you log into the search engine, you can browse the various chemical sources.


The browser enables you to search in the field of biology (biology) and perform tests on animals.


A great resource for science and engineering on the Internet.


It is one of the best science engines, as it contains the magazines and books you need.

46. ​​

You can find patents, reports and various scientific journals.


The site is a huge source for millions of scientific pages in the United States.


This engine is specifically designed for research in the nuclear field and contains many articles, periodicals, and documented experiments.


This engine is a digital library of analytical sciences. It includes a variety of articles, applications, and techniques in the field of analytical sciences.


The engine delivers a range of excellent results in global science in your own language.

Search engines in the field of mathematics and technology:


If you are looking for online sources of information in the field of mathematics, then this engine is very suitable.


The site includes millions of magazines in the field of mathematics dating back to ancient times.


Semantic search engine and allows users to search by numbers and equations.


The engine contains a huge set of statistics in the bibliographic field and there are 160 journals, 1,200 articles and more than 11,000 books.


The site is an important database for scientists and engineers by the Institute of Engineering and Technology. Within it you will find nearly 13 million literature summaries of research in the fields of physics and engineering.


A huge digital library to obtain information in the field of scientific research.


The site features more than 3 million newspaper articles, papers and technical reports in computer science and an impressive collection of references.


It contains more summaries of various research in the field of mathematics and technology.

Search engines in the field of social sciences:


The engine enables you to search a variety of articles on psychology.


The network allows you to find a variety of research in the field of social sciences and specialized fields such as cognitive science, leadership, management, social insurance.


The engine provides access to more than 2,000 journals in psychology and social sciences online.


The site includes a collection of documented sources for the social sciences.


The engine needs to pay money for research, but it is really worth because it contains all the different sources.


The site includes a variety of sources in all known languages ​​around the world and finds nearly 28,000 quotes in all languages ​​of the world.

65 .

The University of Amsterdam offers this site to browse various social topics.


The site is a directory of social resources on the Internet and provides links to magazines, articles, and blogs.


A scientific encyclopedia in the field of psychology and contains the main articles in this field.


Contains a database in the field of anthropology and access to available resources.


The site contains a collection of anthropological research and about 4000 periodicals.


This site is characterized as a search engine in the field of political information and political news and more than 5000 carefully selected sites.

A group of sites for research in the historical field:


The site enables you to search by keywords and contains a large collection of maps and more than 30,000 images.


You will find excellent resources on women's history.


You can get the original historical military records and see memorials.


Use this site to find thousands of sources on recent history. Browse research papers, full texts and a range of multimedia.


The Anglo-American Library contains a collection of sites and sources recommended by historians for their use.


The site includes a set of historical reviews and all different sources.


The University of Houston has designed a database and more links and educational books for students and depends on active learning.


The site includes basic resources on ancient history and the possibility of researching the history of ancient civilizations.


The engine is an archive to search for important historical recordings and political educational videos.


You can learn history through writing, research and a wide range of useful articles in scholarly research.

81 .

The site is a digital collection of historical and primary sources.

A group of scientific research engines in the field of economics and business:


The site contains commercial publications and wonderful browsing in the field of business and commerce.


The International Institute for Social History created this engine to be an excellent library of economics and business.


The engine facilitates the search for thousands of articles, periodicals, books, theses and historical newspapers.


This site enables you to get more economic research.


The site contains research, articles and various economic books.


An ideal search engine for corporate information and financial records.


This engine is characterized by searching for articles, periodicals, jobs, conferences.


You can easily monitor the stock market.


A very useful browser for investors to search for electronic documents.

Different group of search engines in different fields:


This site was designed by the American Library of Medicine to enable you to find the full text of medical journals and has about 19 million copies available.


The site provides documented information about legal research.


The site displays more than 6,300 records related to human health.


The site offers a range of different materials in the field of education and literature.


The US National Library of Medicine offers a powerful search tool for finding different dictionaries.


This site is a large art encyclopedia about fine arts and has nearly 160,000 links.

A group of search engines for different references:


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