6 tricks to solve the problem of low ceiling problem

We all have defects in our homes that cause us feel uncomfortable at our home, including the problem of the low ceiling, and because it is impossible to raise the ceiling, the decor has found a solution to all these impossible problems.

A few tricks if you know them, you will know how to solve any problem you face in the decoration of your home.

Our blog as a specialized apartment finishing blog, will give you some great ideas for solving the low ceiling problem:

  • The first thing is to make your floor colors darker than the colors of the paints and the color of the ceiling so that there is a clear separation between them.
  • As for the colors of the paints and the ceiling, unite the color between them and choose light colors if the room is narrow or medium in size, but if your space is wide, you can then use dark colors for caution and a lighter color for the ceiling,
  • You can also use large ceiling mirror pieces to completely hide the low ceiling feeling,
  • Avoid making any decorations or patterns on the ceiling,
  • For wall decorations, use longitudinal decorations such as longitudinal paintings, vertical wall graphics, hang mirrors at a high height, and you can also hang blinds or blinds on the wall,
  • The use of high-rise furniture in the back also helps to give me a higher shape for the ceiling of the room, and you can also use tall decorative plants.

In the world of decoration and finishing, you will find a solution to all the problems that you face in the interior design of your home. We are always with you to help you finish your apartment smartly and without defects in finishing.

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