How to choose home curtains

How to choose winter and summer home curtains

Curtains are one of the most important things in home décor, as they help block the view from the outside and increase privacy. They also add an elegant touch to the interior design. Therefore, we should take care when we choose elegant home curtains. There are curtains suitable for the summer and others suitable for the winter season, it's necessary to know how to choose the curtains for the house.

How to choose winter home curtains:

First, the colors:

Winter colors are different from summer colors, as they tend to be more warm and calm, such as brown, beige, orange, red, dark blue and dark violet.

Second, the fabrics:

Winter curtains have their own fabrics. For curtains, heavy fabrics such as suede, velvet, velor, wool, linen or heavy cotton lined curtains can be used.

How to choose summer home curtains:

First, the colors:

Summer colors are cheerful and luminous. Colors such as yellow, green, blue, white, cyan, pink, some shades of red and orange and many other colors can be used.

Second, the fabrics:

You should know that some curtain fabrics that are constantly exposed to the sun are easily damaged, especially those fabrics that have bright colors, as these colors fade quickly under the sun.

The natural lighting of the house can also be introduced by choosing transparent fabrics such as cotton and silk, as they also help to ventilate the house.

General tips on how to choose home curtains:

  • Warm colors such as red, orange and yellow make the window feel larger
  • If the carpet has no patterns, choose patterned curtains and vice versa
  • Bedrooms need more privacy, so insulating curtains such as blackout are used
  • To give the ceiling a further look, the blinds can be installed from the beginning of the ceiling from above and are retractable to the floor
  • How to choose home curtains in small rooms, in this case you should use light curtains in calm colors and leave thick curtains for large rooms

Above, some tips and ideas provided by our blog to learn how to choose home curtains.

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