Rolling shutters for more privacy and security

If you are looking for safety and privacy in your home, rolling shutters are your guarantee of a more private and luxurious life. You can use shutters in windows and doors, and they have many advantages which we will discuss below.

What are rolling shutters made of?

The rolling shutters are made of aluminum strips that are injected with foam, which is a heat-insulating material (polyurethane).

Rolling shutters features:

It is characterized as providing an additional layer of protection and security, as it cannot be opened or broken easily, but is opened manually from the inside or using the remote control.

Rolling shutters blocks sound by around 50%, which guarantees you a quiet life and a good sleep.

The shutter is also characterized by insulating the heat and maintaining the temperature of the house, as the rolling shutter act as an external heat insulating wall, in addition to giving you the ability to control the amount of sunlight entering the house. Moreover, by using Rolling shutters, you can control the weather inside your home and protect it from dust, dirt, moisture, wind and rain.

Also, the best thing about it is that with simple clicks on the remote control, you can control all the features of the rolling shutter, whether it is opened, closed, the amount of sunlight allowed to enter, the air temperature, and so on.

The use of shutters significantly saves on the use of air conditioners, fans and heaters.

Optimal use of aluminum rolling shutters:

The best use of blinds is in villas, palaces and places that need high protection, and in coastal places that are exposed to weather changes, as it is impervious to moisture, rust and various weather factors.

As for the shape and design, the shutters are distinguished by their elegant appearance and multiple colors to suit all colors of buildings.

The aluminum used in the blinds is also heat treated, which ensures that it retains its colors for a long time.

You can now replace steel windows and doors with rolling shutters, which are easily move and have an attractive appearance.

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